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Сообщение автор shadearion в Чт Окт 28, 2010 11:14 pm

Half Gods/Titans: (Must name parental god, have powers similar.) One of the most powerful races, these beings have the gifts of their parents, to a lesser degree.
Heroes: At the moment of their birth, prophecy was bestowed upon this race, showing a great destiny, which they constantly seek to fulfill.
Dragon-kin: Having a dragon ancestry, this ancient race is capable of great feats of strength, and able to breath fire.
Spider-People: Have spider, half human, these beings have great agility, dexterity, and appetite. Able to eat anything, they can also spin and shoot intricate and strong webs.
Humans: Often considered the weakest race, this group possesses enormous heart, bravery, and loyalty, making them great allies.
Dwarves: Reclusive beings, dwarves have great greed, and an insatiable lust for riches and knowledge.
Elves: Cheerful, full of emotion, and possessing great agility, elves are one of the more nimble races, living in harmony with the Earth. Generally vegetarians.
Half-Giant: Stronger than most of the other races, half-giants have giant blood in them, but are not nearly as tall. Half-Giant height ranges from 8'-9'5". True giants stand anywhere from 12'-15'.
Dark Elves: Considered evil by the elves, dark elves revel in the hunt, are great practical jokers, and have elven nimbleness. Closely related to elves, with slightly different abilities. Dark Elves are also fiercely loyal to their friends.
Half-Elves: Basically elven bastards, half-elves are generally despised in the elven community for being impure. Half-Elves can be a mixture of any of the other races and elves, taking on a lesser version of both sides talents, making them quite good in combat.
If you have any ideas for races, or just want special permission for one, shoot me a PM, and I'll see what I can do.

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