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Сообщение автор AquaticNecris в Пт Окт 29, 2010 12:39 am

Name: Lorain Dearhaven
Gender: Female.
Age: 11
Lorain Deskto10

Race: Human, or as human as a Summoner can be.
Class: Summoner.

Abilities: Summoning. (The calling and controlling of non-sentient magical creatures.)

Equipment: None, unless you count her main summon, the serpent like creature in her image, and her umbrella.

Background: Being a summoner in an extremely superstitious family was bad enough, but when her powers began to act up, she was sent to the academy to learn control. She was proved to be a summoner when she summoned her snake thing. His name is Shiny. He likes to poke things. He is a willing creature, almost to intelligent for her to Summon. She was only three when she Summoned Shiny, and he protected her from the more superstitious people who wanted her exiled, or worse, dead.

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